hysterectomywaltzThe Hysterectomy Waltz
Dzanc Books, 2013



victorygardensThe Victory Gardens of Brooklyn
Syracuse University Press, Library of Modern Jewish Literature Series, 2007

“In pursuit of illumination and understanding, Gerber maps the human condition in all its web of troubled desire.” —Cynthia Ozick

glimmeringgirlsGlimmering Girls: A Novel of the Fifties
University of Wisconsin Press, Library of American Fiction, 2005



annaintheafterlifeAnna in the Afterlife
Syracuse University Press, Library of Modern Jewish Literature Series, 2002

Read an excerpt from this book: Anna Passes On.

kingoftheworldThe Kingdom of Brooklyn
Longstreet Press, 1992
(Winner of the Harold U. Ribalow Prize given by Hadassah Magazine for the best English-language book of fiction on a Jewish theme)
Paperback, Syracuse University Press, 2000

kingoftheworldKing of the World

Pushcart Press, 1990; paperback, 1991
(Winner of the Editors’ Book Award for an important and unusual book of literary distinction)
Paperback, Pushcart Press, 1992

The Lady With the Moving Parts

Arbor House, 1978, Ballantine paperback, 1979



nowmollyknowsNow Molly Knows
Arbor House, 1974; Dell paperback, 1975, Doubleday Bookclub



Antique ManAn Antique Man
Houghton Mifflin, 1967



You Are Always Safe With MeYou Are Always Safe With Me

Available as an e book



thisisavoicefromyourpastThis Is a Voice From Your Past: New and Selected Stories
Ontario Review Press, 2005



annainchainsAnna in Chains
Syracuse University Press, Library of Modern Jewish Literature Series, 1998


thisoldheartThis Old Heart of Mine: The Best of Merrill Joan Gerber’s Redbook Stories
Longstreet Press, 1993, Literary Guild




University of Illinois Short Fiction Series, 1985



chatteringmanChattering Man: Stories and a Novella
Longstreet Press, 1991


stopheremyfriendStop Here, My Friend

Houghton Mifflin, 1965


gutfeelingsGut Feelings: A Writer’s Truths and Minute Inventions
University of Wisconsin Press, 2003

Read an excerpt from this book:
The Lost Airman


botticelliblueskiesBotticelli Blue Skies: An American in Florence
University of Wisconsin Press, 2002

Read excerpts from this book:
All Florence And Fiesole

Read Library Journal review

oldmotherlittlecatOld Mother, Little Cat: A Writer’s Reflections on Her Kitten, Her Aged Mother, and Life
Longstreet Press, 1995

Read an excerpt from this book



BEAUTY AND THE BREAST: A Tale of Breast Cancer, Love and Friendship

Coffeetown Press, October, 2016

“During my cancer treatment, my husband took me to see a concert of the six Brandenburg Concertos by Bach. As I sat in the darkened church listening to this most transcendent music, as I watched the musicians on stage, particularly the women playing violins, a thought came to me: ‘Breasts are everywhere in Brooklyn.’ I quickly began to make notes on the sides and top of my program, suddenly realizing the enormity of the story that perhaps I was now destined to share. Though I was a writer, I never intended to recount the ordeals of my breast cancer journey. Now, in this illuminated moment, I saw there was a greater story to tell. Perhaps it was the thrilling music of Bach that loosed a flood of words and images in me. Beauty and the Breast was the result.”



Young Adult

• Please Don’t Kiss Me Now, Dial Press (NAL paperback 1982)

• Name a Star For Me, Viking Press (NAL paperback 1984)

• I’m Kissing as Fast as I Can, Fawcett (Pan Books, England, 1987)

• The Summer of My Indian Prince, Fawcett

• Also Known as Sadzia, The Belly Dancer!, Harper and Row (Pan Books, England, 1988)

• Marry Me Tomorrow, Fawcett

• Even Pretty Girls Cry At Night, Crosswinds/Harlequin

• I’d Rather Think About Robby, Harper and Row (Trophy 1989)

• Handsome as Anything, Scholastic